ShihTzu in there New Homes
Welcome to our Home of Shih Tzu where I  breed in my Wilmington North-carolina Home
Went home with my mommy Cindy in wilmington NC
Went to live with My mommy Liz in Statesville NC
We live with our mommy Leeann in Raleigh, NC
Went to live with my Mommy Lois in Kannapolis,NC
Went home with my mommy Lori in wilmington NC
A  deposit of $200.00 will hold a ShihTzu puppy of your choice until you pick him/her up. The balance due is payable before or at the time
of pickup

LIMITED CONTRACT - This means that ShihTzu puppies purchased under this contract  must be spayed/neutered between the ages of 6 -
8 months.  After proof of spay/neutered has been given  to breeder, registration papers will be given to buyer.

FULL AKC BITCH CONTRACT - This means the shihTzu Puppy will be sold with breeding rights, but not required to show.

SHOW CONTRACT - The ShihTzu is required to be shown to have breeding rights.

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